How Suriname Modernized Its Tax Administration & What Changed

BearingPoint and Partners Modernize The Tax Administration in Suriname with the Multi Tax Solution (MTS)

BearingPoint Caribbean is proud to have played a key role in modernizing tax administration in Suriname. Together with the Belastingdienst Suriname we launched the Multi Tax Solution (MTS), a comprehensive revenue management system that has streamlined processes and improved the overall experience for taxpayers. In this blog, we will explore how the MTS was configured and how it transformed tax administration in Suriname. 

The Challenge: Modernize The Tax Administration Technology in Suriname

The Belastingdienst Suriname needed a modern, comprehensive tax administration system that would simplify processes, improve tax collection, and enhance the overall experience for taxpayers. The challenge was to create a system that would meet these requirements while remaining within budget and launching the system in a very short timeframe. Parallel to improving existing processes, the Belastingdienst needed to introduce a Value Added Tax (VAT) by January 1st of 2023. Having modern technology in place was imperative for a prudent introduction of this new tax type. 

The Solution: MTS by BearingPoint Caribbean

BearingPoint Caribbean, in partnership with Qualogy Caribbean, worked diligently with the Belastingdienst Suriname experts to implement the Multi Tax Solution (MTS). The main functions to support included taxation, collection, accounting, and an online portal for taxpayers. 

The MTS was implemented using a modern, cloud-based approach, which made it easy to integrate new tax instruments and modules into the system. This approach also allowed the Belastingdienst Suriname to manage tax data more efficiently and effectively. 

The Results: Suriname’s Tax Data Process Upgraded

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the BearingPoint Caribbean team, along with our partners and the Belastingdienst Suriname, the MTS solution was launched in just 10 months after the project’s kick-off. The new system has streamlined processes, improved tax collection, and made it easier for taxpayers to access and manage their accounts. 

The launch of the MTS solution also had a significant impact on the Belastingdienst Suriname‘s ability to manage tax data. With the MTS, the Belastingdienst Suriname can now manage tax data more efficiently, which has enabled them to improve their tax collection efforts.  

Conclusion: Tax Administration Transformed

The launch of the MTS solution has transformed tax administration in Suriname, streamlining processes and improving the overall experience for taxpayers. BearingPoint Caribbean is committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive impactful change, and the MTS is a testament to our team’s expertise and dedication. Follow us on LinkedIn for more updates on our innovative projects in the Caribbean and beyond. 

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