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Integrated Tax Administration System

About the Multi Tax Solution

The Multi Tax Solution is a Revenue Management System that streamlines and automates all tax administration processes, from tax levying and collection to intelligent data reporting. Our Integrated Tax Administration System helps to modernize tax operations, offering tax administrations a one-stop shop with an e-services portal for filing tax returns and paying taxes online. This IT solution is suitable for all tax types and complies with the highest industry standards. It enables clients to offer superior service at a lower cost of operations and has proven to increase tax compliance.

At BearingPoint Caribbean, we believe that we deliver more than just tax administration software. Taxes are fundamental to balancing a country’s budget and creating funding for public initiatives. Our Multi Tax Solution is a sustainable method to increase government income, without raising taxes or being forced to unproductive cuts in key priorities like education and healthcare. With our tax compliance software, you have the essential ingredient for creating fiscal sustainability.

Features and benefits of the Multi Tax Solution (MTS)

Intelligent processing

Drastically increase speed and efficiency for your workforce by automatically processing routine cases. Allow your organization to shift its focus effectively to high-priority cases.

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Self-service portals

Easy-to-use online portals provide 24/7 service and online accessibility for citizens, businesses, and tax agents. Increase accessibility and enhance overall user experience and satisfaction of tax services. 

Modular design

Future-proof your system with components that consist of various functional modules for taxation, collection, or the online services platform. The modules are customizable, changing to fit your situation. They can operate fully independently or integrated when combined. 

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