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Writing off back taxes may start by month-end on St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG–Government will begin writing off old tax debts for residents that have been pending since prior to 2006 by month end. All outstanding taxes after that year will have to be paid or the “normal process” of seeking a payment scheme or a write-off will have to be followed.

Finance Minister Roland Tuitt said this week that he had received “all indications” that the writing off of the taxes “will happen this month.”

The taxes “will be written off. No questions, no requirements. They will be written off and forgotten; thrown in the deep sea,” he told the press during a press conference in the Government Administration Building.

Government is trying to focus more on collecting recent back taxes as well as increasing compliance in general. Tuitt has called on businesses in particular, on several occasions, to pay their fair share of taxes. He even urged them to give government “a Christmas gift” by registering in the tax data base.

Government is hoping to collect some NAf. 20 million in revenue from increased tax compliance this year. This is one of the revenue-generating measures included in the draft 2013 budget. However, the Committee for Financial Supervision CFT is not yet convinced that that amount is collectable and has suggested the government aim to collect NAf. 10 million instead.

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