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Client Experience at BearingPoint

Elevating Client Experience at BearingPoint: Spotlight on Rogenna Josephina

In the dynamic world of digital transformation in public services, BearingPoint Caribbean has been making waves by enhancing client experiences through innovation and the expertise …

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Antigua & Barbuda Inland Revenue Department

Enhancing international tax co-operation: Antigua & Barbuda implements MDES by BearingPoint Caribbean

BearingPoint Caribbean is proud to announce that the Antigua & Barbuda Inland Revenue Department has selected the cutting-edge Multi Data Exchange Solution. This decision makes …

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XLA at BearingPoint

Driving Innovation: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction with XLA at BearingPoint

By adopting the XLA approach, BearingPoint Caribbean aims to provide effective and valuable solutions that cater to the needs of our clients. We constantly strive …

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Modernizing tax administration in Suriname BearingPoint Caribbean

How Suriname Modernized Its Tax Administration & What Changed

BearingPoint and Partners Modernize The Tax Administration in Suriname with the Multi Tax Solution (MTS) BearingPoint Caribbean is proud to have played a key role …

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Digital Security

Efficiently Managing Social Security in the Digital Age: The Multi Benefit Solution by BearingPoint Caribbean

Advancements in technology have had a significant impact on the social security industry in recent years. With social security costs increasing at an alarming rate …

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