Viviana Gil Zabala - Be Informed Architect

: + 5999 734 3200 :

Viviana Gil Zabala (BSc.) is an ICT professional. Since she joined BearingPoint Caribbean in 2004, she has been responsible for and involved in a wide range of consulting assignments related to the Tax administration systems improving and maintaining the existing systems for supporting the existing processes. Prior to joining BearingPoint in 2004, Viviana graduated with the Cum Laude honor from the University of the Netherlands Antilles with a Bachelors degree in Information & Communication Technology. Currently Viviana is working as Knowledge Analyst/Architect for designing and developing a new tax administration for the BES islands using the Be Informed Business Process Platform.

Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento

BSc. Information & Communication Technology, University of the Netherlands Antilles

Software and website development, client/server development, RDBMS design and development, Be Informed Knowledge modeling and Case management, Object Oriented analysis, design and programming, Agile development methods, SCRUM, Programming/Markup languages: THISWay for Centura, Visual Basic for Applications, C#, JavaScript, HTML, XML, PHP

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