Marion Schroen - Senior Manager Consulting

: + 5999 734 3200 :

Marion Schroen (MSc.) grew up on Curaçao and studied in the Netherlands. After finishing her studies she started as a consultant at BearingPoint Curaçao. She then switched jobs and worked for over 10 years for the government of Curaçao. In 2010 she rejoined BearingPoint Caribbean as a Senior Manager.

Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento

MSc. Policy-making and Management in the Healthcare Sector, Erasmus University Rotterdam
MSc. Midwifery, Government school for Midwifes in Heerlen

Marion has extensive experience in the field of policy, advisory and implementation projects in the healthcare sector from within the government and as consultant to various government organizations in the healthcare sector. She is an experienced project and program manager and also certified in Prince2 project management

Boardmember of the foundations “Consperanza” and “Kultivo Miksto”

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