Carel Schotborgh - Test Engineer

: + 5999 734 3200 :

Carel Schotborgh (BSc.), born on Curaçao, joined BearingPoint Caribbean in 2009 after finishing his study in the Netherlands. As a Business Consultant he is responsible for analysis, support, development and implementation of (business) processes, change management, document management, content management and (application) testing. As an information specialist, information intermediary and information researcher he also analyses, structuralizes, presents and maintains information and he ensures that the existing information can be retrieved.

Dutch, English, Papiamento

BSc. Information Service & Information Management with a minor in Communication & Multimedia Design, Hogeschool The Hague of Applied Sciences

Document Management, Content Management, Information Management, Change Management, Test Designer & Management, (Application) Testing, TMap NEXT, SharePoint Designer/Support, Process Development

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