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Taxand report cites poor documentation by St. Maarten government


PHILIPSBURG–The internal procedure applied by government for projects and programmes it carries out “will have to be documented more.”

This is one of the “general remarks” Finance Minister Roland Tuitt made about the “draft report” compiled by Government’s Accountants Bureau SOAB on the procedures used by former finance minister Hiro Shigemoto in handling the Taxand-led tax reform project.

Tuitt told the press on Wednesday that the report had not been handled yet by the Council of Ministers, but would be dealt with “early next year,” as the Council would not be meeting again for this year.

A “peculiar item” in the report is that Governor Eugene Holiday “did not give his cooperation” to describe one of the procedures that leads to the issuance of a national decree, Tuitt said.

He also said the report showed that the procedures that needed to be followed before government made payments “were not followed” in the Taxand case.

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