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Suspicious men held at Hollywood Casino

23 May 2017

COLE BAY–Police reported on Monday that a patrol was directed to Hollywood Casino on Sunday close to 2:00am which resulted in the arrest of three men.

Police said three suspicious men had been walking through the casino and on scene the patrol encountered an off-duty colleague who informed them that he had also observed the suspicious behaviour of these men.

He also stated that these men had left the scene in a white car with heavily tinted windows. During a search of the area the suspect vehicle was seen driving in Cole Bay.

The vehicle in which two men were driving at the time was stopped on Welfare Road by the patrol to be controlled. A backpack containing two firearms and some clothing was found during a search of the vehicle. These weapons were immediately confiscated for further investigation. The third suspect in this case was also arrested on Welfare Road shortly afterward.

All three suspects M.H.J.A. (24), M.J.D. (26) and R.J.A. (28) were arrested for illegal firearm possession and taken to the Philipsburg police station where they remain in custody for further investigation.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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