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Statia gets smaller prison

POSTED: 12/28/12

STATIA – The new prison in Statia will not have 30 places as previously planned, but only 18. This is due to budget cuts in the Netherlands. Gerard Bakx, director of the penitentiary facility Rotterdam and the project leader for the construction of the prisons in Statia and Bonaire informed the Executive Council about this decision by the Ministry of Safety and Justice last week.

The original plan was to start in 2014 with the construction of a prison in Statia with a capacity for 30 places. The project was scheduled for completion in 2015. State Secretary Fred Teeven asked his ministry for a smaller and more economic plan instead of abandoning the prison plans altogether. Teeven had promised the prison three years ago.

The new plan is “flexible with mobile units of 12 cells with a capacity of 18 places.” Construction and completion will take place in 2015. The prison will be built at Man-o-War.

The new prison will have smaller separate spaces for women, youngsters, people in custody and convicted inmates.

Next year the ministry will begin with a four-year plan to close several of the 29 prisons in the Netherlands. These closures are part of the ministry’s austerity measures.

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