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Stamping of medication for ZV-, BZV-, FZOG-insured simplified on St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurance SZV has implemented a new procedure for health insurance ZV-, health insurance for civil servants and teachers BZV- and health insurance provider for retired civil servants and teachers FZOG-insured persons that previously required the insured to visit the SZV office monthly to have their prescriptions for certain medications and products stamped.

The new procedure is part of efforts to be more customer-friendly and to provide optimal service to clients.

According to the new procedures, General Practitioners will indicate for which prescriptions this procedure is applicable. Starting February 1 the new procedure will be as follows: after a patient visits the SZV, he/she will receive an authorisation for a maximum of six to 12 months indicating specific start and end dates.

One particular pharmacy (at one location) will be chosen and assigned to the patient specifically. The authorisation will then be mailed to the pharmacy by the SZV. This is the only pharmacy where the patient will be able to pick up the prescribed medication or products from the following day, by using their SZV insurance card.

The patient can then choose to pick up his/her copy of the authorisation form at the Customer Care counter or have it e-mailed to him/her on the following day. When the patient picks up a first prescription with the SZV card at the assigned pharmacy, the authorisation will only be valid at that particular pharmacy for the period that it was stamped off on, for a maximum of six to 12 months SZV said in a press release on Thursday.

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