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St. Maarten public prosecutor: minister of Justice and head of immigration interviews in Bada Bing/Illidge investigation

Press release St. Maarten public prosecutor

MARCH 15, 2013

Today the head of the National Detectives office, a senior detective and the Chief Public Prosecutor interviewed Minister Roland E. Duncan as a witness in the alleged Bada Bing bribery investigation. Simultaneously the head of the IND, Udo Aron, was also interviewed as a witness by detectives of the National Detectives office.

Focus in the interview was on the video-footage in which both Minister Duncan and Udo Aron were mentioned.

Both witnesses were fully cooperative during the interviews. The Minister’s interview took over 4 ½ hours.

During the days to come the investigation will proceed with interviewing witnesses and the research of documents that were seized.

ORCA persbericht 3 150313-1

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