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St. Maarten prime minister wants national law for screening of ministers


PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams says it is important for St. Maarten to establish its own national laws governing the screening of ministers.

Responding to a question at the Council of Ministers press briefing Wednesday, Wescot-Williams said screening of ministers currently was being done on the basis of a law and a procedure that had been taken over from the former Netherlands Antilles.

She said she had had discussions on this matter with Governor Eugene Holiday regarding having a national law for St. Maarten.

“We used the law and procedure that was there from the [former, ed.] Netherlands Antilles, but we think it’s important that we now come with a draft of a national law which will be discussed in Parliament,” she said.

Wescot-Williams said the details had not been discussed in the Council of Ministers, but she had expressed her desire to have a national law of this nature. A discussion on the draft of a law will be discussed in the Council of Ministers and “then we will look at some of the issues and we will have a discussion of it in Parliament to come with something that fits the needs of St. Maarten,” she explained.

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