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St. Maarten prime minister: Transparency International seeking lead researcher


PHILIPSBURG–Transparency International (TI), which has been contracted to conduct an integrity assessment in St. Maarten, is in the process of looking for a lead researcher, says Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams.

She said “it is quite possible” that there might be an advertisement placed for that position, adding that the contract for the integrity assessment has been signed off on. When asked, Wescot-Williams said she is not aware as to whether Transparency International had received a down payment for the assessment it is to conduct here.   Regarding the integrity investigation ordered by the Kingdom Council of Ministers, Wescot-Williams said Governor Eugene Holiday has sent a copy of his resolution on his appointment of a committee to advise him on the investigation, to the Council of Ministers.

Asked whether the governor indicated that he would be willing to work with the committee installed by the Council of Ministers to conduct a similar investigation, she said “some- thing to that effect” is included in the governor’s resolution.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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