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St. Maarten Medical Centre challenges Inspectorate’s call for director Scot to resign


PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Medical Centre (SMMC) is challenging the Inspectorate of Public Health’s latest ‘demand’ for the hospital’s general director Dr. George Scot to either resign as President of SMMC’s Board of Directors or terminate the contract between his company, AnG Consultancy, and SMMC.

The inspectorate learnt of this latest legal action on Tuesday, Inspector General Dr. Earl Best said on Wednesday. The action was filed in November.

Best said while the Inspectorate has not instituted any fines on SMMC as these had been thrown out in the last court case, the inspectorate is continuing its inspections weekly at SMMC.

The inspections are intended to ensure that the situation at SMMC is improving in the best interest of health care. “We are visiting them and expecting them to comply with certain things,” Best said.

“We haven’t seen much structural progress as yet for improvement. They are doing things in an ad-hoc manner. There is nothing structural. This means there is a lack of guidance to achieve the improvements and to make the improvements,” Best said adding that the SMMC Director had been in The Netherlands for two weeks again recently. Scot travels once monthly on a business class ticket to and from The Netherlands, he said.

Best had called for the termination of Scot’s contract after he said there had been continued failure by SMMC to adhere to the Inspectorate’s previous “legal demands” and after uncovering what Best said had been “severe conflict of interest” involving Scot.
Best had said while the hospital was still under intensified supervision, the Inspectorate discovered the existence of a contract signed on September 17, 2008, between AnG Consulting N.V. and SMMC, for supplying services to the hospital such as the daily board of directors/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the hospital during the next five years.

Best had said AnG Consulting N.V. was established at the home address of Dr. Scot who appears to also be one of the owners of AnG Consulting N.V. and in any case the CEO of this company. The contract was signed by Scot on behalf of AnG consulting N.V. with SMMC as the other contracting party, represented by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SMMC at that time.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce on St. Maarten has indicated that the service provider AnG Consulting N.V. is not registered in the Registry with the Chamber of Commerce on St. Maarten. AnG Consultancy (not Consulting) is registered in St. Maarten.

Best said Scot is not only the CEO of AnG Consulting N.V., but for all intent and purposes appears to also have a financial stake in this company.

Effective April 25, 2008, Dr. Scot has also been appointed as the only member of the Board of Directors of SMMC and functions as the Director of SMMC. Dr. Scot in reality thus holds two different positions related to SMMC. On the one hand he is the Director of SMMC and on the other hand he is the CEO of the “independent” service provider AnG Consulting N.V., a company wherein again he appears to also have a financial interest, Best had said.

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