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St. Maarten Medical Center launches new website


CAY HILL–St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) unveiled its new Website on Monday, one day after the operational anniversary of the hospital.

The new Website – – is designed to provide Internet users with up-to-date information about the hospital. Patients can be ‘prepped’ for their hospital experience by obtaining useful information and tips within the Patient Care web pages.

The Website provides visiting information for family and friends, and also serves as a channel for job seekers, who are interested in having a career at SMMC.

As the primary medical institution for St. Maarten and neighbouring territories, an informative and user-friendly Website is an important aspect of its communications. “We want our Website to serve as the primary source for information about our institution,” says SMMC Human Resource/Communications Manager Juliëtte Hassell.

“We are also pleased to be among the early group of users supporting the new domain name for St. Maarten .sx. Finding our Website will be easy for Internet users searching for our Website with the ‘short name’ SMMC.” The other web addresses ( and are also still open, so persons using those links will be directed to the new Website.

“We want our patient care experience to begin at your homes and on your mobiles with a comprehensive knowledge of our institution, and we are proud to do so by providing a simple and user-friendly experience on our Website. We invite you to visit our pages,” said Hassell.

The new Website will be on display at the Lions Health and Wellness fair on March 23; this is an opportunity for persons to navigate the Website and give feedback about their web experience.

As a continuation of International Women’s Day, Women’s Health will be a featured topic at the Health and Wellness fair, particularly hypertension during pregnancy. Hypertension is one of the most frequent ailments in St. Maarten. This is not only a challenge to St. Maarten; in fact, hypertension is this year’s theme for World Health Day on April 7.

SMMC has chosen to address this health topic by providing useful information and high blood pressure screenings at the fair. The community is invited to attend and visit the SMMC booth.

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