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St. Maarten Guards suspended, investigation ongoing at Simpson Bay station


SIMPSON BAY–A number of prison guards are being investigated about serious misconduct matters. A large investigation is ongoing about illegal activities inside the prison cells at the Simpson Bay Police Station.

Prison Director Edward Rohan was recently made aware by two different sources that people may have been allowed to enter the holding facility of the police station outside of approved visiting hours. After asking those sources for detailed information, he immediately started an investigation.

A few different women are said to have entered the prison area in the night time, only to reappear a few hours later. The women had no legal reason, nor official authority to be in the prison. It is believed that the women involved have a relative inside the prison.

The prison guards suspected of being involved were subsequently suspended.

Edward Rohan described the information as “shocking.” “All prison guards are fully aware of our policies and regulations. When I started this job in August 2012, I spoke to all the guards and I made it very clear to them that corruption will not be tolerated. Whatever happened in the past, it stops now because I will not tolerate it.”

Rohan is visibly saddened by the fact that his orders seem to have been ignored in this case. “But of course, the investigation is not yet complete. The local police are involved and detectives are investigating, so at this stage I want to get to the bottom of exactly what has happened. It is very important at this stage not to publish too much information, because this could seriously damage the investigation.”

Rohan further mentioned a separate ongoing investigation, about prisoners from different parts of the prison having been allowed to spend time together in an unauthorized manner. In this case he also stresses that the investigation is still ongoing, and that it is too early as yet to give exact details about what exactly has taken place.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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