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St. Maarten government ready to launch its Governing Programme

~ Scheduled for mid next week ~


PHILIPSBURG–The governing programme of the National Alliance (NA)/Democratic Party (DP)/Independent Three coalition is slated to be launched mid next week with a presentation for stakeholders.

The programme, expected to tie into the “Working for the People” governing accord, comes after the coalition has been in office for some seven months. It will be the second such “vision document” for St. Maarten since it became a country within the Dutch Kingdom on October 10, 2010. The first one was presented by the United People’s (UP) party/DP/Illidge coalition in 2011. UP is now in opposition.

According to information reaching The Daily Herald, the governing programme was completed after all five coalition partners had ensured that their visions and projects had been taken into account. Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams said in November 2012 that the programme was in its final stages of completion. At that time, the programme simply had to be printed and made ready for distribution.

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