Intelligent systems

Intelligent knowledge based systems

Be Informed solutions are Intelligent. Legislation and internal procedures are built into the system. An intelligent system can decide on cases and on the process flow based on pre-defined business rules.

Features of intelligent systems:

  • Step-by-step guidance of the user
  • Straight through processing when possible and manual where needed
  • The organization operates compliant with the legislation and business rules. Not because senior employees ‘know’, but because the knowledge is built-in. Legislation and business rules are automatically applied and enforced by the system.


Business language

Modeling instead of coding

Be Informed solutions are modeled in business language instead of writing programming code, the source of the system is understandable for everyone. The client remains in control.



Necessary changes due to new legislation or policy are easily incorporated in corresponding models. Old and new legislation can exist next to each other and cases will be treated according to the relevant legislation.

Speed of adaptation

The  generic part of the system does not need to be  adapted when laws change. Only the knowledge models are adjusted. This means speedy adaptation is possible.

User involvement

Users are intensely involved in the process of modeling. Users are in control.


Models can be exported into documents anytime. Up-to-date system documentation is no longer an additional responsibility; it’s a given.


Auditors can effectively check on rules build into the system. And in what circumstances manual override and input is required.



Easy to adapt and maintain

Business in control

The organization no longer depends on a translation of their requirements by IT. User requirements are directly captured into models using business language instead of programming language. The time needed to adapt systems to new legislation is reduced drastically. Progressive insights related to the constantly evolving legislation and internal procedures can also be included ‘on the go’.




Step-by-step development

Be Informed solutions have a modular set-up. Each module can be implemented on a stand-alone base making it possible to develop in a step-by-step way Be Informed solutions can be integrated with existing systems and other technology platforms, providing clients maximum

flexibility in their decision-making.


Fast track & low risk


We can deliver on our fast-track commitments for the following reasons:

  • Components based on best-practices, with the possibility for adjustments to specific requirements
  • Re-use of components
  • Separating the ‘know’ (laws and legislation) from the ‘flow’ (business processes simplifies the development process substantially: ‘just add rules’ to turn a standard component into a taylor made solution for you.
  • We have done it before – we know the loopholes


Low-risk is all about being in control.

  • Our solutions are based on best practices with proven components that are customized to your situation
  • The intense and interactive involvement of users in the design phase minimize expectation gaps
  • We develop in short cycles, making it easier to manage the risk.



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