Multi Tax Solution


Multi Tax Solution (MTS)

Do you want to get an up-close look of our Multi Tax Solution? Watch this 8 minute demo to see you how the solution works, what processes it supports and get to know the features of the application.  See for yourself how the Multi Tax Solution can help transform your Tax Administration.

Tailored to the Caribbean

The Multi Tax Solution was developed in close collaboration with the Dutch Tax Administration. BearingPoint joined forces with a large team of tax experts from The Netherlands to include both the Dutch best practices and the best practices gained in more than 25 years serving tax administrations in the Dutch Caribbean. The result is a solution that complies with the highest standards of the industry while adhering to local considerations.


Track record and proven solution

The solution is currently operational and producing mind-blowing results:

  • After the first year of use the Tax Administration of Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) recorded revenues 26% higher than initially estimated.
  • After that same first year, independent research showed that 39% of citizens experienced the service offered as ∙improved∙.
  • Three years later, the same research was conducted again. This time, 66% of the citizens mentioned that the service improved. 25% even mentioned the service as ∙ much∙ improved,

We would like to demo the solution for you, or even better, create a proof-of-concept for one of your challenges.

Step-by-step approach

The Multi Tax Solution does not require a big bang transition. The solution can be implemented step-by-step. Linking the solution with legacy systems and existing technologies is very much possible and contract awarding is not requested up-front for the whole solution. The solution can be implemented one tax type at a time and budget, planning and priorities can be adjusted during the process.


An all-inclusive solution

The Multi Tax Solution is intended to be used as an integral solution for the whole Tax Administration. All tax types (and social security & health insurance premiums) are included and all core functions of the tax administation are supported. New tax types can easily be added.
Some of the functionalities are:

  • Portals (employees, tax payers, agents)
  • Registrations (natural persons and legal persons, tax subjects and objects)
  • Taxpayer service and support (single view of taxpayer and support to client facing employees)
  • Levying (invite, receive, assess, inform)
  • Requests
  • Objections and Appeals
  • Control & Investigation
  • Incoming and outgoing mail management
  • Interfaces with other systems (internal + external, such as general ledger, customs, key registers and collections)
  • Functional application management (user management, parameters, monitoring)
  • The highest security standards

Fast-track & low-risk

In our experience, we can have all tax types up-and-running in two to three phases of six months. The sequence of implementation according to the priorities of the tax administration.

We understand how crucial a high-performing tax administration is as a foundation for a financially healthy government. Because of this, the highest requirements and track-record should be regarded: governments should never settle for less than a world-class tax solution.


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