Multi Permit Solution


Multi Permit Solution (MPS)

An online platform processing permits & licenses for all Ministries

The Multi Permit Solution offers an online portal for citizens to find all relevant information and to apply for their permits and licenses. In this same portal, various government departments collaborate on processing the application in a correct and quick way.

Permits and licenses of all Ministries are processed in the same system, causing a drastic improvement of the front-office & back-office processes and cross-department collaboration, but also offering the Ministers with a complete overview of the pipeline of all of the country’s permit applications and their status.

Intelligent system

All legislation and internal procedures are built-in, guiding the users step-by-step and resulting in a big boost in client service & compliance.

Impact on compliance

A correct and complete registration of citizens and legal entities is key for compliance. For optimal results, registrations should be updated any time citizens and government interact. When citizens pay taxes or receive benefits, it is a given that their registration should be updated, but this counts just as much for the moments when a citizen needs a permit or license. Using the Multi Permit Solution to verify and complete the registration of citizens is a key element in improving compliance and thus a stable financial environment for government.

Fieldwork & enforcement

Enforcement and control in the field has never been that easy – all fieldworkers have authorized access to the solution with their smart phones and tablets. During one visit they can simultaneously check compliance for social security, tax and permits.

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Superior service offered to citizens

The Multi Permit Solution eliminates any red tape that might be obstructing someone to start doing business or obtaining any other permit or license.

The Multi Permit Solution offers a one-stop shop for citizens through a 24/7 accessible online portal.

Citizens will feel in control of the process, as they are guided in completing a correct and complete application. After applying, the citizens can interact with the processing departments, they can have insight in the steps taken and they can find a digital file with all the related documentation for their case.

Efficient government

The government will benefit most from having access to the Multi Permit Solution. Due to the fact that the process is online and interactive, the applicant will do most of the data-entry and uploading of documents, while simultaneously pre-defined control procedures are applied causing the permit application to be complete and correct (first time right).

Departments will have an online tool to collaborate on cases and administrators will have a real-time overview of possible bottle-necks in the process, amounts of cases to be handled, etc. End users will be guided through the system by a GPS-like support, leading to fast and correct assessments of the applications.

Fast-track (6-months) & low-risk

The Multi Permit Solution has been developed and tested. Large organizations in The Netherlands are already using this solution, serving a very high number of citizens. We would be glad to demonstrate the Caribbean version to your organization.

In a time span of approximately 6 months, the most important ministries could be up and running with the Multi Permit Solution and after another 6 months, all ministries can be operational with superior 24/7 online permitting & licensing.




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