Multi Collection Solution


Multi Collection Solution (MCS)

The Multi Collection Solution supports organizations with the collection and payments to and from individuals and businesses. These arise for example from taxes or social security contributions.
This solution integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. Through clever linking with online portals and a business intelligence solution, you are in full control over your entire business.One solution for all types of collections by government
The Multi Collection Solution includes all regulations and policies regarding the collection of government revenues. It can be implemented as an add-on on the Multi Tax Solution, the Multi Benefit Solution or the Multi Permit Solution, and it can also be interfaced with other existing systems such as other tax systems, systems in use for customs, systems in use for fines or systems in use for study loans.

GPS-like tool for collection

Collection by governments has to be fully in line with legislation, regulation and guidelines, which is a complicated process. To facilitate this, all these processes are built-in to the system and it will guide the user step-by-step through the workflow, resulting in superior service and efficiency.

Management information & simulation

Business intelligence and simulation models regarding the expected revenues are extremely important for managing the government budget. This forecasting functionality is one of the most important features of our Multi Collection Solution.

Timely collections

The speed of collection has a big impact on government cash flow. It is undesirable and unnecessary to have substantial delays in collection. The Multi Tax Solution offers all functionalities to speed up this process.

Fast-track & low-risk

The Multi Collection Solution can be implemented in approximately 4 to 6 months.





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