Multi Business Analytics Solution


Multi Business Analytics Solution

The Multi Business Analytics Solution gives organizations the insight in their data needed to make better informed decisions. By combining data from multiple sources in a well-defined data warehouse, one version of the truth is delivered.

The Multi Business Analytics Solution contains a blueprint of data relevant within a specific domain, for instance the Tax domain. A fully integrated suite of business intelligence reports, business analytics explorations and models are delivered with the solution. Our Analytics solution is realized with SAS software throughout, guaranteeing all aspects of the solution to work together in the best possible way.
The MBAS uses best practices in business intelligence and business analytics but also incorporates extensive domain knowledge, making sure the reports and analyses fully match the needs of the organization.

The MBAS is ready made to be connected to our core solutions MTS, MCS and MPS but can be connected to other source systems as well, offering the same functionality.




Next to an organization’s own data external data can be stored in the MBAS and used in reporting and analyses. Unstructured and/or big data is stored in separate databases and extracts / results are loaded into the MBAS to be used in reporting and analysis, combined with other data. For Tax organizations FATCA and CRS data can be processed, next to other sources of counter information.

Data history is built up in the data warehouse and extensive trend reports are delivered with the MBAS. This allows organizations to time travel through information, assess a situation in the past and compare this to recent developments. With historical data trends for the future can be predicted, using SAS advanced analytical power while maintaining a user friendly interface. This enables business users with minimal technical skills to perform high end analyses that would otherwise be performed by data scientists.

Finally, if you need additional insights and explanations, ad hoc analyses benefit from the integrated well defined setup, using meta data to describe concepts. The models that are used for ad hoc analysis are designed with the business user in mind. The result is that business users can access the data needed to get additional insights in a timely and consistent manner without having to request support from IT.

Relieve source systems

With the use of the Multi Business Analytics Solution extensive reporting and analyses can be performed without burdening the source systems. Performing analysis on source systems can cause performance issues. Furthermore, source systems are built for supporting core business processes and not for analysis purposes. For this reason, with MBAS, relevant business data is periodically extracted and stored in a separate data warehouse to meet all of the organizations reporting and analysis needs.

Performance management

MBAS provides the possibility to monitor the health of an organization based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and dashboards. By constantly measuring if KPI’s are met, the organization can be steered on a tactical and strategic level in order to achieve Critical Success Factors.

Proactive decision making

Because all relevant business data including historical data is loaded into the data warehouse, decisions can be made in a timely manner. There is no need to send a request to IT to deliver a specific data set or report. The data is already prepared and ready to be analyzed every day.

Let the data talk

The Multi Business Analytics Solution provides several forms of advanced analysis. Your data contains a wealth of information, on client segments, risk categories, unexpected behavior which will largely enhance your ability to steer your organization. MBAS will reveal this information to you using SAS analytical power. The information thus collected can be used in your source systems to improve business processes. Combined with the power of Be Informed, the highly context sensitive platform used for our core solutions like MTS and MCS, intelligent process automation becomes within reach. Within the tax domain this approach can be used to fight non-compliance but also underuse.

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