Multi Benefit Solution


Multi Benefit Solution (MBS)

Efficiency in execution:

Most regulations in social security and health insurance are very similar The core is always the registration of the beneficiaries and the process of deciding on length and height of a certain benefit. Executing these regulations in separate systems will by definition lead to inefficiencies.
The Multi Benefit Solution solves this problem. The Multi Benefit Solution brings all social security regulations together in one system (pensions, social relief, severance payment, etc.), but it also includes the processing of health insurance regulations (national health insurance).

Built-in legislation and internal procedures

All legislation and internal procedures are built-in, guiding the users step-by-step through the often-complicated regulation on social security and health insurance.

Online work flow with employers and health providers

The work flow of the interaction between employers and health providers is supported by intelligent portals.

Contribution to compliance

By having all regulations managed in one system, it is possible to cross-check data of a beneficiary to determine if he or she is entitled to a certain benefit. This is not only possible by checking within the Multi Benefit Solution, but also for example with data in the Multi Tax Solution.

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Levying and collection also supported

Levying and collecting of social security premiums can be done in the Multi Tax Solution and the Multi Collection Solution, but can also be integrated in the Multi Benefit Solution depending on the organizational set-up of the agencies. In some countries, the social security agencies are also responsible for levying and collection, in which case these functionalities are built-in.

Managing the growth rate of social security and health insurance

Given the growth rate that each country encounters for social security and health insurance costs, managing these trends is extremely important:

  • Efficiency and lower costs of operations
  • High level of compliance both for income (premiums) and expenditures (entitlement)
  • Business intelligence and simulation models for the cost and trends of social security and national health insurance as input for policy making

Fast-track & low-risk

Usually we implement the Multi Benefit Solution in phases of 6 months for groups of social security types.


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