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We offer solutions specifically designed to manage government processes. Legislation and best practices are embedded in the software for superior service and enhanced compliance. Civil servants and citizens experience a drastic improvement when using these solutions.


Multi Tax Solution (MTS)

The Multi Tax Solution was developed in close collaboration with the Dutch Tax Administration. BearingPoint joined forces with a large team of tax experts from The Netherlands to include both the Dutch best practices and the best practices gained in more than 25 years serving tax administrations in the Dutch Caribbean. The result is a solution that complies with the highest standards of the industry while adhering to local considerations.

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Multi Collection Solution (MCS)

The Multi Collection Solution includes all regulations and policies regarding the collection of government revenues. It can be implemented as an add-on on the Multi Tax Solution, the Multi Benefit Solution or the Multi Permit Solution, and it can also be interfaced with other existing systems such as other tax systems, systems in use for customs, systems in use for fines or systems in use for study loans.

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Multi Business Analytics Solution (MBAS)

The Multi Business Analytics Solution gives organizations the insight in their data needed to make better informed decisions. By combining data from multiple sources in a well-defined data warehouse, one version of the truth is delivered.

The Multi Business Analytics Solution contains a blueprint of data relevant within a specific domain, for instance the Tax domain. A fully integrated suite of business intelligence reports, business analytics explorations and models are delivered with the solution. Our Analytics solution is realized with SAS software throughout, guaranteeing all aspects of the solution to work together in the best possible way.
The MBAS uses best practices in business intelligence and business analytics but also incorporates extensive domain knowledge, making sure the reports and analyses fully match the needs of the organization.

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Multi Benefit Solution (MBS)

The Multi Benefit Solution that enables health insurance and social security providers to streamline the delivery of benefits to citizens, all in one system that eliminates redundant workflows. Countries today face an increase of social security and health insurance costs, resulting in unsustainable contributions from citizens, businesses and governments. Foreseeing and managing these trends is extremely important. This calls for clever and efficient solutions to better manage the affordability of social benefits.

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Multi Permit Solution (MPS)

The Multi Permit Solution offers an online portal for citizens to find all relevant information and to apply for their permits and licenses. In this same portal, various government departments collaborate on processing the application in a correct and quick way.

Permits and licenses of all Ministries are processed in the same system, causing a drastic improvement of the front-office & back-office processes and cross-department collaboration, but also offering the Ministers with a complete overview of the pipeline of all of the country’s permit applications and their status.

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Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES)

Governments lose millions each year to cross-border tax evasion. As a result, governments are adopting international standards for automated exchange of information. It is crucial that the technical solutions implemented by Tax Authorities to exchange data meets all requirements of the organizations imposing the new cooperation regulations, like the IRS and the OECD.

The Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES) is the only true full-service package for Tax Authorities on the market today. With the Multi Data Exchange Solution, countries are prepared for the future and able to comply quickly with the complex international data exchange requirements.

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We leverage the business process platform (BPM) concept to drastically improve government processes. The workflow of governmental processes has never been this easy.


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