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The solution to streamline permitting and licensing

Today’s citizens and investors expect fast, accessible, and efficient public services, and no longer accept the inconvenience of long queues and lengthy processes. Permitting and licensing, due to its high complexity and number of parties involved, is often time-consuming and a burden for both governments and citizens alike.

BearingPoint has developed the Multi Permit Solution (MPS), a front and back office system that streamlines and simplifies the application, as well as assessment and approval of permits and licenses. The integrated online platform can be used for all Ministries, eliminating any unnecessary duplication of information and delays. With MPS you will achieve a high efficiency rate for a well-rounded customer service and happier citizens and businesses, at a substantially lower cost of operations. Get rid of any red tape that might be preventing someone to do business or obtain any other permit or license.

Features and benefits of the Multi Permit Solution (MPS)

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