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Social and Health Insurance St. Maarten to apply new life certificate procedures effective January 1


PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurance SZV will be applying new procedures as it relates to “life certificates” (attestatie de vitae) for AOV/AWW pension recipients as of January 1, 2013.

All pensioners, widows and orphans living outside of Dutch St. Maarten are obligated to prove that they are still alive every three or six months. SZV will be implementing this procedure to ensure funds are not unlawfully sent abroad to persons who have already passed away, the organisation explained in a press release on Thursday.
In order to make it easier for the pensioner to keep track of when the next life certificate is due, SZV has incorporated fixed dates of submission for everyone. This will give more structure to the submission of life certificates for persons collecting a pension benefit.

As of January 1, everyone living outside Dutch St. Maarten, but within the Dutch Kingdom (Aruba, BES-islands, Curaçao and The Netherlands) is obligated to submit a proof of life every six months on fixed dates. Everyone living outside Dutch St. Maarten and the Dutch Kingdom will have to submit a proof of life every three months on a fixed date.
SZV invited everyone who receives Old Age, Widows or Orphans pension and who lives abroad to visit its Website for more details and to get a better insight about the dates on which SZV expects to receive life certificates to avoid discontinuation of pension benefits.

SZV also urged the beneficiaries and family members living on Dutch St. Maarten to visit its Website for information concerning their benefits and the responsibilities that come along with receiving the said benefits.
And, in wishing everyone a prosperous New Year, SZV continued: “With your support and cooperation SZV will keep striving for better service to one and all.”

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