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Receiver’s Office offers alternative payment plans

10 MARCH 2017

POND ISLAND–The Receiver’s Office requests the general public and the business community in particular to make alternative payment plans as a temporary solution while its offices are closed. The Receiver’s Office is temporarily closed to the public until further notice.

Considering the approaching deadlines of the monthly tax payments and the provisional profit tax payment, the Receiver’s Office requests those tax payers who make payments directly at the Receivers Office’s to make these payments through the bank or via online banking.

The Receiver’s Office’s banking account numbers are as follows: Windward Islands Bank (WIB) account #324800-03 (NAf.) or 324800-05 (US $), and RBC Royal Bank account # 8200000005425048 (NAf.) or 8200000403930461 (US $).

The Receiver’s Office urges clients to be sure to mention or write their CRIB number, name, tax type, year and period when making payments. The Receiver’s Office apologizes for the inconvenience the closure of its office may cause, and thanks the general public for their patience.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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