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IT solutions for better, faster, and smarter government processes

Discover a powerful suite of IT solutions built to transform digital government processes. The Public Services Suite offers IT solutions that help governments obtain a 360° single unified view of the citizen. Different client organizations from one government can transform their digital processes by uniting the solutions, products, and services across three domains: tax, social security, and permits & licensing. The combined power unlocks the full potential of the Public Services Suite and works together to enhance compliance.

Generate more revenue

Set the new standard of compliance as a way of life. Obtain a 360-degree view and optimize your levying and collecting.

Deliver superior public service

Digitalize services and improve your customer experience with one-stop-shop portals.

Lower cost of operations

Use technology to empower citizens and your workforce. Gain in efficiency by digitalizing: automated where possible, manual where needed.

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Public Services Suite Logo

Unlock the full potential

The Public Services Suite is an integrated suite of IT solutions and modules that creates more transparent, integrated, and efficient processes. These building blocks work together to enhance compliance, so governments can obtain a balanced budget and adequate funding to invest in the priorities of their communities. 

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