A record of publications from the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname

Public Entity Saba Newsletter February 2017

The government information services bulletin February 2017.

As we have begun a new year I look forward with hope as with each new day whereby we arise from our sleep it grants us the opportunity to do new things.

Looking back and looking forward a lot has been done on our island and there remains a lot to do. We must not underestimate how much has been accomplished in so little time in compared to other parts of the world yet we face the same, or even more, challenges. Along the way, I will admit, we are losing some of our unique charms and characteristics. It is incumbent upon us in government and the social partners in the community to come together to preserve and protect what is unique and special to us. Culture and heritage are not static but ever changing, ever evolving. That does not mean that we should allow it to simply disappear. I was very pleased last year to see the initiative to reintroduce the basket making on our island. We all thought it was dead but with ambitious and determined people it was brought back to life.

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