It’s achievable: traditional show-stoppers can be eliminated

Bundling of expertise in our Solution Center

World class expertise, tailored to small scale communities

One of the biggest challenges in our small-scale communities is the availability of a partner with local presence and enough critical mass to deliver to the highest standards. A partner who understands the local business culture and is 24/7 on location and has its roots in the Caribbean communities.

Because of our critical mass we can invest in specific expertise and deliver on our service commitments. With our headcount of over 75 management and technology consultants and serving governments for over 25 years, we are a reliable partner you can build on.

Bundling of expertise

In technology it is important to have a broad framework of expertise. Because of the small-scale environment in the Caribbean, this can only be achieved by bundling expertise in a solution center serving the different islands.

International clients

Apart from serving our local clients, our solution center enables us to co-partner with Be Informed and their implementation partners in international assignments. We develop and support solutions for their international clients.

The challenges for all governments internationally are basically the same. The same solutions we offer in the Caribbean are offered elsewhere. By collaborating on these projects we gain insights and best practices from other parts of the world and include those in the solutions we implement at our local clients.

Set-up of the Solution Center

The set-up of the Solution Center is based on some basic principles:

  • Specific expertise should be available to all clients (testers, user interface designers, security experts, etc.)
  • Domain experts should be close to the client to gain an in-depth understanding of their processes
  • Successful methods and techniques should be preserved and shared with others in the Solution Center
  • Re-use of components in order to deliver better solutions faster
  • Ability to offer realistic pricing. Through our competency center we build in-depth knowledge of the required functionality and complexity of the solutions, enabling us to offer realistic pricing estimates for our clients.


Transformation & change management

Everybody knows what needs to change; but the real challenge is how to change

The four key factors are:

  1. Understanding the business: in-depth knowledge of the core business of the government, in order for domain experts & IT experts to co-create.
  2. Solutions need to be easy-to-learn and user-friendly, comparable with the ‘I-pad effect’.
  3. Executive sponsorship and stakeholder’s buy-in can only be earned if the ultimate rewards for all involved are crystal clear:
    • Obtain executive sponsorship through vision to business case with clear targets & return on investment
    • Get buy-in from stakeholders
    • Track actual results with all involved
  4. Interative involvement of users. Users are involved in the very early stage of development when functionality and business rules are determined. By visualizing best-practice-functionalities during prototype sessions, user’s feedback is continuously obtained to incorporate local considerations.



Maintenance and support

The importance of maintenance & support over the lifetime of systems

The key factors are:

  1. Quick to adapt to changes in legislation & business rules
    To ensure superior service & compliance it’s extremely important that systems can be adapted quickly to the frequent changes in legislation and regulation. Our business process platform offers unmatched flexibility.
  2. Extending the lifetime
    The flexibility of our business process platform enables you to continuously adapt the systems to changing functionality requirements. Future-proof solutions have an extended lifetime.
  3. Top quality service & local presence
    The user’s satisfaction and experience ultimately defines the success and requires the highest possible grade of service, year in year out. Technology is so much embedded in the core of operations, that any flaw in the service will have a direct impact. With our local presence and our Caribbean based Solution Center we can realistically commit to deliver according to agreed upon service levels as formalized in service level agreements (SLA’s).
  4. Manageable costsmaintenance
    Benchmarks tell us that over the lifetime of systems, 70% to 80% of the costs are for maintenance & support. These costs can be substantially reduced by involving the client in maintenance & support. Our business process platform does not require a high level of technology skills for maintenance & support. A large part can be done by the users, while we provide quality assurance and coaching.

In-house  maintenance & support an option

We offer flexible co-sourcing scenarios for maintenance & support, tailor-made to the specific situation of the client:


Clients can opt to follow a growth-path, in which they take on more responsibilities down the road.

Client in control

Our clients own the client specific models, source codes and related documentation. The source code of the Be Informed business platform and/or general solution components are deposited in escrow with notaries in the Netherlands and Curacao and may under certain conditions be made available to the client.

Strategic relationships

We are a niche-player by choice. We are focused on specific areas of government. Therefore, long-term strategic relationships are key for us. We simply cannot afford having constrained relationships; we cherish the partnership with our clients. Also, in maintenance & support our approach is by definition pro-active, transparent and based on creating win-win situations.

Financial options

In the areas we service improvements in revenues and costs savings are so achievable that investments are no-brainers

In our focus areas (tax, social security & national health insurance and permitting & licensing) the low-hanging fruit justify bold investments, with a balanced budget and a government able to execute its priorities as rewards.
This is based on three principles:

  1. The return on investment (ROI) must be factor x of the investment.
  2. Closing the gap between the timing of the investment and the timing of the return on investment through spread payments funded by ROI. For all cost components we offer license fee options as an alternative to up-front investments.
  3. Furthermore, our platform allows us to build systems step-by-step according to available budget without jeopardizing the quality and the desired end stage. With our design-to-budget-approach the ‘must have’ functionalities are always included, while the ‘nice to haves’ can be added on in a later stage when budget is available.


Scope management and the importance of the ability to design-to-budget

The required functionality is determined in close interaction with the users during the design phase and not completely pre-determined up-front. With the design-to-budget approach we can manage the scope to stay within budget limits. The final delivered scope will be measured in function points and validated by independent NESMA-experts ( The client will only pay for actual delivered scope.

Financial options:

  1. Capital investment: upfront payment and monthly fees for maintenance & support
  2. License fee: a basic up-front fee and monthly license fees + monthly fees for maintenance & support
  3. Transaction fee: all-inclusive payment per transaction (examples: fees per permits & licenses or fees per collected transaction)


Hosted services

Critical systems for government require top-notch security and continuity measures

  1. The government in general and the specific government areas we serve, need the highest standards of security for their systems.
  2. Continuity of these systems is of the utmost importance considering the critical functions of government they support. Continuity should be guaranteed both during normal day-to-day operations as during calamities.
  3. Due to these high levels of security and continuity requirements, outsourcing these functions can be an attractive option.


Hosted services

Datacenters offer security measures and continuity (up-time) levels that are hard to equal by any government agency. Mitigating risks by hosting externally is a very attractive option. Another important consideration could be to prevent up-front investments for hardware and infrastructure. We offer the alternative to host our solutions at top-notch datacenters.





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