BearingPoint: where Domain and IT experts co-create

We can deliver on our promises because of our unique approach: understanding the core business of government while enabling information technology to achieve fundamental improvements.



Domain and IT

It’s achievable: traditional show-stoppers can be eliminated

Our approach is focused on getting rid of the traditional show-stoppers of government initiatives. Many hold-ups are not necessary and can be taken away. Bearing_Showstopper

A knowledgeable Caribbean-based partner

World class expertise available in small scale communities

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A smooth transformation approach

Everybody knows what needs to change; but the real challenge is how to change

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Reliable maintenance & support

The importance of maintenance & support over the lifetime of systems is often underestimated.

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Affordable financial options based on return on investment

In the areas we serve improvements in revenues and costs savings are so achievable that investments are no-brainers

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Hosted services (cloud) as an additional option

Critical systems for government require top-notch security and continuity measures

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Collaboration with partners

Our passion is to deliver maximum value for our clients. We have extensive experience in smooth collaboration with partners on specific areas of expertise.


This Business Process Platform revolutionized the way organizations deal with administrative processes. More »



Advisory firms

We partner with advisory firms to add knowledge of the local context and specific client expertise. An example is BDO in Surinam. We are always on the lookout for partners that can help us serve governments better. More »

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