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Program Ministry of Finance Sint Maarten 2016 - 2020

The Sint Maarten Ministry of Finance has launched its program as part of the Sint Maarten governing program 2016 – 2020, which covers around 130 initiatives and is divided in five categories, called ‘Strategic Objectives’. To define the specific work that must be done, each strategic objective is translated into well-defined themes, feasible initiatives and projects.

During a presentation held for the Sint Maarten Parliament the main strategic objectives were discussed:

Nation Building and Good Governance
• Promote integrity and transparency
• Promote public services

Sound Financial Management
• Invest in the Tax Office to achieve more efficiency
• Improve compliance
• Review fiscal policy
• Plan of Approach Strengthening of Financial Management

The total operational budget for 2017 is Nafl. 4.200.000 and the total capital investment for the year 2017 is Nafl. 6.000.000

The complete program is available under this button:
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The presentation including the budget can be downloaded here:
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Bron: Stability for Prosperity

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