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Processing St. Maarten police records in Curaçao ‘not necessary’


PHILIPSBURG–The issuance of police records is not a task of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service IND, but of the Attorney-General’s office, says Justice Minister Roland Duncan. He has contended that the law governing the issuance of the record is not being properly executed.

He has been in discussions with the Attorney-General’s office based in Curaçao to sort out the bottlenecks that cause such slow issuance of records.

Under the present system, when a police record is requested it is sent by the IND to the Prosecutor’s Office, which sends it on to Curaçao, but only after a sizable pile of requests has been gathered. In Curaçao, there is only one person processing the requests.

Duncan pointed out that as in the past, St. Maarten requests “are not a priority.” His stance is that the requests should not be sent to Curaçao, as St. Maarten is a separate country and the record only has to take into consideration the person’s record as it relates to St. Maarten.

He hopes that there will be some changes as soon as the office of the solicitor-general is up and functioning in St. Maarten.

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