Transitioning to new software for core business processes is a substantial investment for any government. Even though our solutions enhance compliance and therefore have a significant financial return on investment, we understand that Small Island Developing States and developing countries have budgeting challenges to overcome in order to start such a project.

To solve this, our fee structures allow the majority of the investments to be funded by future return on investment (ROI) instead of high up-front investments. Download the brochure for more information about our fee structures.

Download our Fee Structures brochure

Great benefits, one solution at a time

All our IT solutions are designed to bring about a powerful transformation for governments. With the implementation of multiple solutions, the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts. Governments can leverage the true power of the Public Services Suite when they connect processes and services across three domains: tax, social security, and permits & licensing. With our phased approach, the entire suite can be implemented one IT solution at a time. We offer an attractive pricing model for governments that are ready to take the next step in becoming a future-proof organization.

Each implementation in a new domain will receive a discount over the new solution, as well as a retroactive discount that can be applied over the pre-existing domain. The retroactive discount is calculated on the license fee of the new domain and provided to the existing customer in the form of a voucher. This voucher can be used for the purchase of future services, such as Maintenance & Support or Request for Changes.

Growth Model Public Services Suite

The discount mechanism will be applied with the implementation of every new solution:

  • A 10% discount on the license fee for the new customer
  • In addition, a voucher for the same amount (10% of the license fee of the new solution) for the existing customer(s) that can be used in their own domain

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