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Préfecture confirms one cholera case in St. Martin


MARIGOT–The Préfecture of St. Martin and St. Barths and the health authority of Guadeloupe have confirmed a case of cholera imported into St. Martin.

The Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital had indicated the case as “probable” in a release on Thursday, December 6. However, it now has been declared positive following verification of the exam result by the Institute Pasteur in Paris.
It was understood the patient had been infected following a stay in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Subsequent investigations by Pole de Veille Sanitaire in conjunction with Cellule de L’Institut National de Veille Sanitaire have indicated there are no secondary cases. Surveillance is being maintained as a precaution.

Haiti and Santo Domingo are currently affected by a cholera epidemic, a sickness caused by the bacteria vibrio cholera. It is characterised by severe diarrhoea that leads to dehydration. In its release the Préfecture advises any persons who have these symptoms to consult their doctors immediately.

As a reminder, it is very important to wash one’s hands before preparing or consuming food, before attending to the health needs of children and after a visit to the toilet.

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