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Port starts cruise crew and passenger survey

06 FEBRUARY 2017

POINTE BLANCHE–Port St. Maarten started a survey on February 2 to gather statistics and data from cruise passengers and crew to identify elements important to the customer and enhance destination experiences.

Participants of this first phase of the survey can rate current services and recommend how their stay could be enhanced while in port.

“Considering the importance of crew and that they work and reside on the cruise ships, and thus constantly returning to the island during every visit, it’s important to understand their needs as well. Crew play a vital role in passengers’ behaviour and view of a destination and so identifying the needs of the crew members is also very important,” said the Port.

Phases two and three of the survey will be rolled out at a later date.

Some of the areas the Port is interested in, are: the most popular shore excursions and experiences; the fastest-growing segments of cruising; who visit the destination (families with children, multi-generational families); and cruise passengers who cruise to celebrate life milestones with weddings and vow renewals, so the destination can offer something in this area to cruise passengers.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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