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Plan approved for phased implementation of National Health Insurance on St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG–An adjusted plan outlining a phased implementation for the National Health Insurance (NHI) was recently submitted and approved, Health Minister Cornelius de Weever told Parliament earlier this week.

Phase one of the implementation entails the preparation of a proper health information system which will commence with the general practitioners; phase two involves the merging of various groups currently managed by the Social and Health Insurance (SZV) and phase three is for draft legislation to be presented to Parliament.

The minister said it has been calculated that a fixed-fee contribution from Government totalling NAf. 24.5 million will be required. This will contribute to the AVBZ, the current medical aid cardholders and family members of the former ZV group.

De Weever said NHI is not only a new insurance but is, in fact, general health care reform. There are various aspects within the system that will be reformed. The key elements of the reform are the introduction of a proper functioning health information system; an adjusted tariff structure and an adjusted benefit package.

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