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Online business licence application demonstrated on St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG–The Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunication TEZVT, on Friday last, went through the process of a live demonstration with the stakeholders –notaries, Chamber of Commerce and related departments – concerning the business licence online application.

“This is a live practice exercise on the functionality of the system, testing all aspects of the functioning of the system. Not the aesthetics of the programme for now,” Secretary General of the ministry Miguel de Weever said.

This system will, for now, deal with only new businesses licence requests, not existing business licences and not amendments to those old business licences.

The persons involved from different organisations (notaries, chamber of commerce, and related departments dealing with business licences from the various entities) went through the process of a simulated registration. From this experience the technical issues will be worked out and eliminated.

This exercise was later in the day duplicated from the stakeholders’ offices. Upon completion of the exercise of registering businesses there will be a soft launch next week, registering of only new business licences. So starting next week, the notaries can begin using the online registration of business licences system.

After this period, and within six months, there will be a hard (official) launch of the business licences online registration in addition to adding additional elements, such as amendments to business licences, applying for taxi licences and other such matters. Registration can also take place locally and internationally.

The benefits of such a system is that the process goes faster and more efficiently, the work flow will be electronic, all transactions will be recorded (there will be a tracking method to determine the location and/or process of the document), clients will be updated regularly and notified when action is needed, e.g. processing fee, crib number will be generated; the minister will be able to approve licences electronically as well.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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