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Mental Health Foundation signs agreement for AVBZ chronic care funds on St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG–The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) and Social and Health Insurance SZV have signed a renewal agreement for the latter to manage the AVBZ funds for chronic care.

The signing took place at the MHF office with SZV Chief Operations Officer Reginald Willemsberg, MHF Board President Felix Holiday and Board Treasurer Eric van der Hoek.

MHF has had a Care Agreement for AVBZ care since 2007. AVBZ is the compulsory insurance that all persons legally living and working in St. Maarten contribute to. The care covered by the AVBZ law is for chronic illnesses. These illnesses are not covered by medical insurances.

Chronic illnesses concern, for example, the effects of a stroke, amputation or trauma and mental or physical disabilities. With an AVBZ care agreement, MHF can apply for chronic care assistance for a patient.

Since St. Maarten became a country within the Dutch Kingdom, SZV has been managing the AVBZ funds and therefore the renewed contract is now offered, SZV COO Reginald Willemberg said.

For the Mental Health Foundation, the AVBZ Care Fund finances the Faraja Centre (re-socialization and education), Guided Living and the Ambulant Care.

“Thanks to the SZV, MHF can offer patients continuity of care from the time an intake is done at the centre or a patient is admitted to Guided Living, Faraja or Ambulant Care,” MHF said in a press release.

“The SZV and the MHF team work together to provide quality care to the St. Maarten patients. To do so, care plans are made and evaluated every three months. Quality reporting concerning the care provided is also evaluated annually.”

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