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Jaarverslag 2011 Openbaar Ministerie St. Maarten


I hereby send you the Annual Report for the year 2011 on behalf of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sint Maarten.

Jaarverslag 2011 SXM final



560 criminal cases registered on St. Maarten  in 2011


PHILIPSBURG–According to the first annual report of St. Maarten’s Office of First Instance, 560 criminal cases were registered in 2011. It was its first report of cases handled by the local Police Force without the assistance of the Netherlands Antilles Police Force.

Of the 560 cases, 411 were solved, leaving a backlog of 149. The number of cases shows a considerable decline in criminal offences from 2010, when 728 criminal cases were registered, 2009 (857) and 2008 (890).

There also was a decline in the number of cases brought to court, excluding traffic offences. In 2011, only 215 cases were brought to court, compared to 243 in 2010 and 275 in 2009.

The report also stated a sharp decline in the number of drug offences. However, an increase has been noted in the number of firearm cases, proving that illegal possession of firearms is very high. This finding goes hand-in-hand with the number of criminal cases that involved use of a firearm.

The year 2011 also saw significant changes in personnel, including new prosecutors and the investigation of two high profile cases, “Regatta” and “Vesuvius,” during which many persons were assaulted and/or killed with firearms.
Changes such as these also can have an effect on performance.

“The police and judiciary officials are committed to discuss the most effective use of judiciary personnel in providing efficient safety in St. Maarten,” the report explained.

“These results should be seen in the light of these circumstances,” Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos was quoted as saying in the report.

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