Solving challenges

Manageable initiatives

Don’t re-invent the wheel

Our small-scale communities face similar challenges that have either been solved or need to be solved. Combining efforts and learning from each other presents the potential to enhance the outcome.

Accelerate the process of translating the vision into concrete government policy by leveraging best practices and merging them with your own vision.

Translate the vision into concrete initiatives

This approach has been successful in speeding up the process of executing government priorities. BearingPoint has successfully supported several governments in drafting vision documents.

In a quick turn-around, we support you as facilitators by sharing best practices and capturing your insights into concrete policy.

We’ve developed a tool, SmartVision, that facilitates the process of translating vision into initiatives.


Hands-on support

A crucial part of this approach is to have a pro-active dialogue with stakeholders, creating broad support for government policy. We provide hands-on support to facilitate a productive dialogue based on our extensive experience with internal and external communications.

Finally, the real challenge is in the execution. With our hands-on support, we help governments accomplish their goals.


Financial funding

Our funding philosophy is based on three principles:

  1. Each initiative should always be based on return on investment (ROI).
  2. Efficient government and enforcement of compliance should create enough funding to fully execute the government policy without increasing tax rates.
  3. Fee structures that allow the majority of the investments to be funded by future ROI.


Focus on return on investment

In our experience, almost all areas of improvement of government have a huge potential ROI: it is low-hanging fruit!

In our vision, each initiative should be justified up-front by its return on investment. It is also important to track and report on the results, this is built into our approach.

As long as the ROI is evident, any initiative is a no-brainer and will get stakeholder support.

Financial impact of compliance

Most governments do not have a budget deficit greater than 10% of total income. This can be solved by the direct impact of compliance improvements:

The reward of fixing compliance is a balanced budget where all ministries can successfully execute their priorities!


Alternative fee structures

Along with traditional capital expenditures, we offer flexible fee structures, minimizing up-front investment:

  • Monthly license fee
  • Transaction-based fee
  • Incentive-based fee

Furthermore, we also offer a step-by-step (little bangs) approach based on available budget. With our technology platform we can design to budget.

Tangible results

Key to success

The best results have been achieved by combining in-depth knowledge of government with proven solutions.

Implement the right solutions

Mitigate risks by implementing proven solutions with a verifiable track-record.
Solutions should be future-proof considering:

  • A changing internal and external environment
  • The need to fully leverage the possibilities of enabling technologies

The challenge of a successful transformation

Executive sponsorships and stakeholder buy-in’s are earned based on a clear vision & goals – targeted results – business case – return on investment. There is no such thing as a short-cut to a successful transformation.

Adequate preparation is crucial. To support governments with this challenge, we have developed SmartStart, a tool that bundles best practices and facilitates the project’s initiating process.


We have also created SmartDashboard, a tool that is used to monitor the progress and track the results of government initiatives.


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