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Our roots are in the local tax sector

For more than 25 consecutive years BearingPoint has been involved in projects and transformations of tax administrations in the Dutch Caribbean. The majority of the systems for levying and collecting were developed by BearingPoint. Recently we were involved in a complete transformation of the tax administration of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba in close cooperation with the Dutch Tax Administration.
More than 60% of our team has extensive experience in this sector.
Specific areas of expertise and track-record:

  • Information technology
  • Transformation
  • Fast-track elimination of backlogs in levying and collection


Efficient levying and collecting

The tax administration has various responsibilities, but foremost it is responsible for efficient levying and collecting. With hands-on engagement in the day-to-day challenges, BearingPoint supports tax administrations in reaching for operational excellence.

On-time levying and collecting

An often-underestimated responsibility of the tax administration is the timeliness of its operations. Substantially decreasing backlogs has a major impact on compliance and cash flow.

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Vast amounts ready to be collected

Various government organizations collect revenues. Examples include the public prosecutor’s office, the tax administration, the social security bank, permitting agencies and so on. The collection of revenues is however a complex process involving the correct application of various rules, regulations and policies.

BearingPoint has captured the complexity of this process and has simplified it to easy-to-manage steps for the various organizations.

Quicker collections

Government cash flow is negatively impacted when revenues are not collected quickly. The quicker these revenues are collected, the better. BearingPoint is committed to helping government organizations collect outstanding debts promptly, not only structural improvements with our Multi Collection Solution, but also with a specific approach for fast-track elimination of backlogs.

Management information

For government to execute on the right priorities, it is important for administrators to gain insights in the collectability of outstanding debts and the related cash flow forecasts. BearingPoint is an expert at offering this type of management information.

Legal means

The framework of legal means for government to collect outstanding debts is extensive, but should be put into use effectively and according to general principles of good governance. Profound knowledge of the legal means is important and inclusion of legislation and business rules in the supporting tools is equally important.

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Social security & National health insurance

Working towards a sustainable social security system

Offering the desired level of welfare to the citizens is a key responsibility of government, keeping this system affordable is the big challenge though. Social security including national health insurance is one of the biggest expenses of governments, thus it’s very important to keep the system sustainable in the future.

For more than 25 years, BearingPoint has been involved in the social security agencies of the Dutch Caribbean. The majority of the systems for national health insurance and social security were developed by BearingPoint and we have been involved in major organizational transformations.

BearingPoint has extensive experience with:

  • Social security reform
  • Complete and correct levying and collection of social security premiums
  • Avoiding illegitimate benefit payments
  • Improving efficiency of operations

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Permits & Licenses

From red tape to red carpet

One of the core functions of government is regulation. A smooth process of permitting and licensing results in:

  • A vibrant economy & good business climate
  • Convenience for citizens and businesses
  • Extended compliance
  • Elimination of bureaucracy & superior service
  • A good perception of government

Unique opportunities

There is no better area in government where enabling technology can create a complete turn-around in a short time frame:

  • Intelligent portals where all legislation and business rules are built-in
  • 24/7 service and online accessibility
  • Cooperation between agencies
  • One stop shop
  • One look-and-feel for the whole government

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