Best practices

Superior service

Superior service + enforcement → compliance

Superior service not only makes for happy citizens, but moreover results in higher compliance leading to accelerated and higher revenue streams.

The importance of timely service:

  • Acceleration of collection of government revenues by eliminating backlogs
  • It’s easier to work with updated and recent information
  • Being on-top of things creates an environment where compliance is a way of life


Best practices:

  • Users are guided, best comparable with GPS-support for drivers, by intelligent systems with built-in legislation and built-in internal procedures.
  • Correct and one-time registration of citizens and legal entities
  • One window shopping
  • Complete ∙ 360°view∙ of the client
  • Built-in controls, preventing errors in the process and ensuring clean data: first time right∙
  • Enabling citizens to process their own information
  • 24/7 online accessibility
  • Up-to-date systems that are able to adapt quickly to changes in legislation and internal procedures

Lower cost of operations

The benefit of lower cost of operations:

1. Do more with the same workforce
2. Do the same with a smaller workforce

Our solutions will always lead to substantial lower costs of operations. Based on best practices we set a target for our clients of 30% cost reductions. By gaining in efficiency, the organization can either do more with the same workforce or do the same with a smaller workforce.


Best practices:

  • Shifting excess capacity from back-office to the field, focusing more on enforcement and service.
  • Changing from manual processing to straight through processing with built-in legislation and internal procedures. Automatic where possible, manual where needed.
  • GPS-like support to the users. Faster and smoother processes result in better output. A first time right principle is adopted.
  • By empowering the citizen to process his own information through online portals, data input is immediately validated based on pre-defined controls. Citizens feel in control while the government is actually outsourcing part of the work that is currently executed by the government organization.
  • One-time registration. Removing redundant data-entry saves time. Data is shared across systems/departments.
  • Improving collaboration between departments by using one single system.
  • Simplification of core processes, eliminating redundant steps in the process


Enhanced compliance

The single most important factor for a balanced budget without raising tax rates is a high level of compliance.

Reaching a high level of compliance is not that complicated, it’s all about a smart approach and making the right choices.
High level compliance leads to higher income and lower costs for government, it leads to a government in control, creating sufficient funding for the government to execute its priorities.


General best practices:

Connecting the dots
Connecting the dots when citizens and businesses interact with government:
1. when they pay taxes or social security premiums
2. when they qualify for social security & national health insurance
3. when they apply for a permit or license.

Built-in compliance
By embedding regulation & business rules in the system the correct execution of the process is more or less dictated.

An up-to-date government

Government on top of things will automatically result in higher levels of compliance

Best practices in the field:

  • Remote access to all systems
    All our solutions can be accessed remotely by equipping fieldworkers with tablets and smart phones
  • GPS-guidance for controls to be executed in the field
    The enforcement process is guided by pre-defined checkpoints. Flawless execution can easily be monitored.
  • Government-wide cross-checks
    Certain primary checks can be executed in the field for all areas of compliance and enforcement of government regulations. These primary checks are pre-defined and findings are automatically forwarded to the responsible departments for further follow-up

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