Solving challenges

By helping administrators turn their visions into reality, BearingPoint actively contributes to the welfare of our fellow citizens. We enjoy what we do: for 25 years governments have been our sole focus.

Most government administrators and officials know exactly what needs to be done, but face similar challenges. Hands-on solutions for these challenges is what we provide at BearingPoint.

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Smart islands

Smart is accomplishing more with less. We envision smart islands where citizens enjoy the same conveniences that they have with their smart devices: better, faster and smarter governments. BearingPoint is committed to making smart islands possible.

Imagine a country:

  • With a balanced budget and enough financial funding to realize its priorities
  • With smooth government processes for superior service to its citizens
  • Where government is able to offer a just environment for all by enforcing and facilitating citizen compliance




Expertise in core areas

We focus on three of the ‘must-have’ fundamentals for successful governments and we have extensive expertise and track record in the corresponding areas of government.

tax collection social_security_health permitting_licensing
Areas of government we support with our expertise

Best practices

Why re-invent the wheel? Our solutions are based on proven best practices that work in small-scale communities. To make these best practices happen we help governments solve budget limitations, time constraints and organizational challenges. We have a track-record of substantial performance improvements in service, costs and compliance.

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