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Immigration, Justice Academy organise Europol Master Class on St. Maarten


MOUNT WILLIAM HILL–A Europol Master Class was held on Monday, November 18, for the Departments of Immigration & Border Protection Services, Coast Guard and Customs, in collaboration with the St. Maarten Justice Academy and the Ministry of Justice.

A number of topics were discussed during the Master Class, including the benefits of cooperation with Europe and the lessons learned for St. Maarten; Intelligence Analysis at Europol; Joint Investigation Teams in Europe; Data Storage at Europol; and the role of Europol in the fight against facilitated illegal immigration.

The sessions were con- ducted by Theo den Haan, who comes from the Netherlands and has extensive background experience and knowledge.

During the Master Class, a role-play was conducted, involving a fictitious major crime and the simultaneous organisation of an investi- gation that would have pre- vented the execution of the crime.

Participants had the opportunity to list solutions and potential opportunities regarding current issues in the service, and the results were presented to the director. These solutions incorporated the techniques, skills and strategies learned throughout the Master Class.

Participants of the Master Class found the experience interesting and engaging, as it was designed to positively influence the way each participant sees and responds to different topics. One participant, a law enforcement officer, stated that the scenarios were very practical and could be immediately applied to the real situations at hand.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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