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Human remains found in BMW discovered in Great Bay

24 JANUARY 2017

PHILIPSBURG–Human remains were found inside a BMW discovered in Great Bay just off Walter Plantz Square on Monday morning.
The Daily Herald has been reliably informed that the skeletal human remains were dispersed throughout the inside of the vehicle. The vehicle was discovered by a tourist who had been snorkelling in the area early Monday.

Upon discovery, a local salvage company removed the vehicle from the water under the guidance of police and Coast Guard amongst other authorities. The Walter Plantz Square parking lot was closed off to allow police to carry out the investigation.

Forensic Investigators were seen at sea inspecting the vehicle after it had been lifted out of the water with a crane and placed on a barge. The vehicle was taken to Bobby’s Marina and then transported to the Philipsburg Police Station.

The vehicle appears to be of blue colour and did not have the number plates on it. How the vehicle ended up in the middle of Great Bay is still a mystery. The identity of the human remains could not be ascertained. Police are investigating the discovery.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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