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Holland-based group to do report on St. Maarten Cost of Living Adjustment


~ System outdated ~

PHILIPSBURG–CAOP, a Holland-based organization, will be conducting a report for the government of St. Maarten on the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).

Finance Minister Roland Tuitt told reporters at Wednesday’s Council of Minister’s press Briefing that he met with representatives of this organization during his recent visit to The Netherlands and a preliminary agreement to this effect was made.

He said CAOP is willing to visit St. Maarten and prepare the report. CAOP will be speaking to representatives of the ministry responsible for personnel affairs, the unions and other stakeholders who have something to do with COLA. The group will be in St. Maarten for three days during which their report will be prepared.

Tuitt said this report will be the basis to negotiate with the unions regarding the COLA and for discussions in the advisory body for civil servant matters GOA. “This is something good that we will be able to come soon to a finalization of this COLA issue,” Tuitt said.

He added that CAOP had explained that the COLA system is outdated and nowhere else in the world uses this system. Another system would have to be used.

CAOP advises and supports more than two hundred employers in various sectors, including the Dutch government and the education and health care sectors. CAOP is the largest knowledge and service centre with regards to the labour market and labour relations within the public domain, it was stated on CAOP’s website.

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