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Governor’s Symposium to focus on ‘ICT Governance’

24 May 2017

HARBOUR VIEW–“ICT Governance – Shaping our Future” is the theme for the invitation-only 2017 Governor’s Symposium set for the auditorium of the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) School of Medicine, in Cupecoy, on Friday June 23.

National, regional and international speakers will share their views and ideas and participate in an interactive panel discussion with the audience. Speakers will address Information Communication technology (ICT) infrastructure, innovations, threats, cybersecurity, and governance issues relevant to the shaping of the future. In addition, students will also present their research projects.

The Governor’s Symposium Organizing Committee, installed by Governor Eugene Holiday, to prepare the Symposium comprises Ajamu Baly (chairman), Patrick Trijsburg (secretary), Kathy Snijders, Emilia Connor-Thomas, Gerard Richardson, Dimitri Connor and Dahjanarah Philips.

The overall objective of the Governor’s Symposium is the promotion of good governance. This will be the sixth Symposium organized by the Governor. Previous themes were National Heritage, Sustainable Development, Education for Democracy, Governance: the value of checks and balances and Securing National Developmen

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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