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Gendarmes meet with police on work visit

04 FEBRUARY 2017

PHILIPSBURG–Representatives from the Gendarmes met with representatives of the Police Force during a work-related visit on Friday. The purpose for this visit from the Gendarmes was to become familiar with the operation of the 911 Emergency Dispatch Centre and to get acquainted with the personnel of that department.

In addition, both law enforcement organizations have been continuously busy having many discussions with each other on how to improve the already good cooperation and working relations in the battle against crime. The articles mentioned in the “Treaty of Concordia” will be the tools to be used as guidelines to further strengthen the ties in law enforcement.

The Gendarmes and the police force have already established direct radio communication between both emergency dispatch centres in addition to the traditional direct phone line. It is the intention to immediately communicate with each other during high impact criminal cases such as armed robberies and in cases involving “hot pursuit” chases on either side of the island.

A communication protocol with guidelines will be put in place to facilitate this process. Present at the meeting was a representative of the radio communication provider C3 (Critical Communication Caribbean).

In the coming week representatives from the police force will be visiting the emergency dispatch on the French Side.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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